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Was this cop wrong?

In Can Ya Dig It? Justice Sweet Justice on June 10, 2009 at 4:17 pm

I get angry when I see unjust police brutality. In this case below, a 72 year old woman was tazered by an officer when she refused to complie with a simple signing of a speeding ticket. 

I can not really fault the officer in this case.

It doesn’t matter that she was 72 years old. Just because someone is 72 does not mean they can not be mean as a snake. How did he know that as rebellious as she was, she did not have a weapon? It looked to me she either knowingly or unknowingly was risking his life by  refusing to stand back, forcing him to be on the expressway.

First, the woman was speeding.

Second, she was expected to sign a ticket. She refused. 

Third, she had him almost out in the expressway. He moved her, not shoved her. She began to challenge him by walking towards him.

She did not complie at all.

She rebelled and was going back to her car.

He stopped her.

She continued to be a pain in the butt.

She even dared him!

He tazered her.

Cop was right. She was wrong.

I hope the cop wins.

End of story.