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Voted for Obama? Let me ask you…

In Conservative Hippie's Rants on June 3, 2009 at 8:59 pm
For those of you who voted for Obama and want Socialism, let me ask what part of socialism do you like?
The part where the hard working middle class people have to pay for the bums all across the land?

The part where the rich are taxed so badly that they can no longer create jobs for the rest of us?

The part where healthcare is taken over by government and then we will have no choice in doctors and have to wait an eternity just to see one? Or how about the fact that this new administration from hell has said that the elderly will be on the bottom of the list for health care. Why? Because the senior citizens have lived their lives. Just as they have no regard for the unborn, they will have no regard for you should you live to be a ripe old age. Unless, you are some use to them and their agenda.

Maybe you like the part where “hate” crime means the life of a homosexual is more important than the life of my heterosexual brother or my elderly mother just because someone is homo?

Do you like the part where babies can be murdered in the womb just because it is so convenient? Not to say at tax payers expense. Or maybe you like where the American tax payer will foot the bill for abortions all across the world. God will not put up with this kind of murdering of innocents much longer! He sets before us life and death–choose life!

Do you uphold and like the belief that all religions are fine, except for Christianity? Let me say now; Jesus is the only way to heaven. If you don’t like that, too bad. I will not apologize for the truth and I will not sugar-coat it for the sake of a fake peace just to get along with you.

Do you like the part where hard working every day people have to work their butts off to put their child through college while someone else’s no-count kid gets to have baby after baby at tax payer expense and go to college for free? While one young person is working his/her butt off, the other one gets to sit on his/her butt and collect all kinds of stuff from the state. I guess that is “fair” though cause she is a “single” mother. I know this sounds crude, never the less it is true; she put herself in that position every time she opened her legs and let the different “daddies” stick it to her. So YOU tell me, why should the one who did it wrong be rewarded for her bad choices.

And that no–count punk young man who has fathered child after child and not expected to pay child support. Do you like paying for his kids with your taxes?

Or maybe you like the part where this pig government is going to force every company in this nation to have health care for their employees. Whether they can afford it or not. Buy your own health care is what I say. People always spend their money on what they want to spend it on. Booze, cigs, pot, dope, fancy cars, fancy homes, electronics, cell phones, computers, etc. Then they expect someone else to come along and pay off their doctor bills. What a crock!

Or maybe you like the part where government wants to enforce THEIR very own sense of morality on the rest of us. Telling me I HAVE to accept certain things or else it is “hate.” On the same hand they can say anything and everything about my faith. But I had better not disagree or else I am the one accused of hate. Hypocrites! And you dare not stand for truth?!

Right now in the past week, two people were murdered in cold blood; one an abortionist baby killer and the other a soldier of the United States murdered by a Muslim. Are you willing to speak out for both murders being just as wrong as the next? Or are you making one (Tiller, the baby killer) a martyr? If so, then you are a hypocrite and you can not see the difference between one life being evil and the other noble for defending your right to believe what ever lies you want to believe.

Do you like the part where government takes over businesses and people end up losing their jobs, all in the name of sacrifice? While YOUR president flits all around the nation to plays and restaurants, like some kind of king–at tax payers expense.

Or maybe you like the part where we right wingers are now called terrorists because we believe in God, hate communism, against abortion and gay marriage. Oh and yep, we cling to our guns and religion. If you particularly like this one, then we definitely have nothing in common because you are a true coward and have made yourself an enemy of what is supposed to be the freest nation on earth by not even having the guts to stand up for what the truth is and against the true terrorists in this nation.

Maybe you like the bill they want to pass to keep everyday people from having their own little private garden? Where it would be a “crime” to pass a neighbor a tomato over the fence unless government has come in and had rights to it first. Oh, and let us not forget all the regulations–we must be good citizens and do it just like government says. This kind of government can stick it where the sun don’t shine!

What about the part that wants illegal aliens in this country just so they can be used to build their voting block while YOU and I pay for all their FREE benefits?

Maybe you like government owning businesses? People losing their jobs. Oh how pig man Obama loves to create a crisis. It just makes things better for him to take control. When it happens, people will be BEGGING government to fix things. And then they will do ANYTHING to continue getting that welfare check. Even spy on their neighbor or report them to the civilian force that this pig wants to set up. Will you be one of them? Would you be willing to turn me in for disagreeing with this government just so you would could get government goodies? Do not think it can’t happen. It most certainly will.

Or the hate speech crime that would shut people up like me because we disagree with his majesty, Obama, the socialist pig, maybe you like that one? Guess what? I will NOT shut up. He is a pig and all those who think I owe them something because of the poor mistakes they made in life, because of the color of their skin, because of their disgusting sexual aberration, because they are here illegally, whatever…are pigs too. I don’t give a royal rip who it is.

Do you like the part where liars call good evil and evil good? Do not think God will not be your judge as well as those who set up ungodly laws and standards.

How about teaching little kids sex education (homosexuality) without parent’s permission? Do you like that one? If so, then you are as perverse as those who desire to strip the rights away from parents, indoctrinating children all across this great land.

Maybe you like the idea that socialism promises everyone to be equal. To that I would say what gives you or Obama the right to force me or your neighbor to work harder than the next just so they can have their frikkin dream house that they can not afford?!

Maybe you think we all can just sit in a universal circle and sing Kumbya or Give Peace a Chance and well, we all will just get along. Wrong.

Do you like the part where Obama is going all around the world apologizing for us? What do you think it will accomplish other than making us look weak and have our enemies laughing at us? Your leader is a sissy! Be honest–if someone was breaking into your home and threatening you and your family, who would you rather have protecting you–Obama or any limp-wristed liberal man, or John Wayne? You know which one you would choose. So don’t be a hypocrite!

Do you like the part where Obama and his people desire to see YOU serve (become indoctrinated) whether you want to or not?

For the record, I will NOT serve, so what about that? Are you going to be one of the ones that may come knocking on my door to recruit me? What will you do when I tell you to shove it? Report me, so you can continue to get goodies form your pig government?

Are you expecting to get some “freebies?” NOTHING is free. You WILL pay a price.

Do you like the part where Obama is being hailed as some great world leader? Just remember when he bows before any man on this earth, he will expect the same from you.

As for me, I bow before no man.

What part of the stimulus package to you expect to get? Do you think it will come without a price?

Do you like the part that wants to give homosexuals some kind of special rights just because of their sexual preference? If so, you are as vile as they are in their aberrations. Do not think a Holy God will not judge a nation for it’s sexual sins. He most certainly will.

Maybe you like the part where it is called art, and the right of perverts in San Fransico to parade nude in painted bodies before the whole city; including in front of small children.

Or maybe you just like your “leader” to be one who has promised to take care of you? Oh at the tax payers’ expense I might add. Let me say here, if you truly believe that man (who is a type of anti-christ) cares for you, you are very mistaken. He would as soon get rid of you when he is done using you as anyone else. He will use you and abuse you and you will not even know it because he and his minions will have already indoctrinated you so well, that you will believe government is the answer to all the problems in the world. You will pay a price one day. You will pay a dear price.

The day is approaching of a one world currency, one world religion, one world everything. The stage is being set right now. People like me will be looked upon as “enemies of the state.” Know now, I will NOT be part of that world. I warn you now. You make God in heaven your enemy if you make this or any other government your god!


Attention, General Motor Voters

In Conservative Hippie's Rants on June 2, 2009 at 5:08 pm

Attention General Motor voters

Note: This article is not for the ones who did not vote for Obama.

Did you vote for him? You know the one. Obama. Did you campaign for him and pass out buttons for him? Wave his banners of “hope.” Did you listen to Oprah and all the other Hollywood elitists as if they knew what the hell they were talking about? Did you cry along with those who made him some kind of messiah, believing he was going to be your savior? Did you chant the mantra, “change” with others who fell into a sea of deception? Did you think he was going to do miracles in your life? Did you make a vow to serve him?

Now what? You along with about 20,000 more hard working people are going to lose your job. Why? Because your president, the one you chose, is a socialist thug and has and is taking over businesses in this country. Perhaps you thought it was ok when some CEO “got his.” After all, the one you chose, said he was going to spread the wealth. That had to mean that you were going to get a bigger piece of the pie, right? Like Michelle said, “somebody is going to have to give up their piece of the pie.“ I guess you never dreamed it would be you, eh?

But hey, don’t worry, you wanted to serve this man, right? So look at it this way; look at your job loss as a way of serving him. You are suffering NOW for the sake of your children to have the American dream one day. But by then it will be too late. There won’t be an American dream, it will have turned into a nightmare that you and the others voted in.

As he flits all around the country to take his wife to expensive restaurants and plays (at tax payer expense) you remember that he told you to sacrifice.

You remember the next time he goes into a burger joint pretending to be one of us, while you and your family may not even be able to afford a hamburger in the days to come.

I guess I’m suppose to feel sorry for you, but I don’t. Not at all. YOU voted the pig in, not me. And yes the man is a pig. A pig is one who wants what you have. A pig is one that will tell you to sacrifice while he lives high on the hog.

The only way I would give you my last can of soup is if you came to your senses and realized what a miserable mistake you made by setting this upcoming dictator in power. See, I really don’t owe you a thing. But before it is all over, I’m sure the one you chose will find a way to force me and other true blue Americans to give you a hand out. Why? So he can continue to get your vote and keep you in bondage to him.

But until that day comes where he and his cohorts go door to door stealing from the decent to give to the bums, you get nothing from me. Zilch, nada, nothing.