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Ray Stevens: We The People

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YeeHaw! Sing it, speak it, tell it, proclaim it!



More Obama Stickers

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I’m so sick of being right

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By Patrice Lewis

There’s a scene in the movie “Galaxy Quest” in which actors on a distant planet are spying on cute alien creatures that resemble children. The cynical Guy says, “Sure, they’re cute now. But in a second they’re gonna get mean. And they’re gonna get ugly somehow. Then there’s gonna be a million more of them.” The other actors think he’s crazy, but sure enough the cute aliens suddenly get mean, ugly and numerous. As the actors flee from the pursuing creatures, Guy gasps, “I’m so sick of being right!”

Despite the dire predictions over the last few months, politicians inexplicably refused to heed the majority of voters and passed this farce called health-care reform. For the moment we’re stuck with it. Like Guy, I’m so sick of being right when my predictions keep coming true.

Unsurprisingly, a recent survey showed the favorable ratings of Pelosi and Reid have never been lower – 11 and 8 percent respectively. But this survey was most worrisome for a different reason – 36 percent (Pelosi) and 50 percent (Reid) of those responding “haven’t heard enough” to make an informed opinion about two of the most influential politicians behind the passage of Obamacare.

Translated, this means a vast number of people are so self-anesthetized sitting on their butts watching “American Idol” or “Survivor” that they are unaware and totally ignorant of the world around them.

This ignorance includes the implications of what will happen now that the current administration – starring the apparently little-known but dynamic duo of Pelosi and Reid – voted in socialism on March 21 to the applause of Fidel Castro.

But unfortunately, these people who “haven’t heard enough” also vote, and I’m going to hazard that most of them voted for Obama. Probably they were swayed by our president’s handsome exterior and glib promises. They don’t care that what he promised can’t possibly happen without causing the economic and political destruction of our country.

Decades of entitlement mentality and liberal indoctrination in public schools have produced millions of Americans who believe everything from food to housing to education to employment are “rights” and should be provided for “free.” Having never studied economics, they haven’t learned that nothing is free. Someone must bear the costs.

And now these supporters are slobbering and drooling at the passing of Obamacare because hey, they’ll get something for free, right? They don’t realize that medical services will decrease. Or that taxes will skyrocket. Or that our country will go bankrupt. Or – get ready for it – that it’s flagrantly unconstitutional. No, all they can see is that they’ll be getting something for (cough) nothing.

“The passage of the health-care law shows that the U.S. empire is declining because it illustrates the fact that people expect the state to take care of them,” notes David Murrin, co-founder of Emergent Asset Management.

It completely escapes me how anyone cannot see the economic disaster heading our way, exacerbated by such unconstitutional power grabs as Obamacare. Can’t progressives see the failure of socialized medicine in other countries? As one tea-party sign noted, if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.

Now that the hated bill is signed, sealed and delivered, the progressives are jeering at the majority of Americans who opposed it. “It will be a long time before we know whether the historic health-care reform finally passed by Congress will make the system better or worse,” sneers U.S. News and World Report’s Rich Newman. “But the rhetoric surrounding the yearlong ordeal has already set new standards for overwrought fearmongering. There’s a long history of pre-emptive hyperbole in Washington, in which the combatants on each side of an issue paint a dismal scenario if things don’t go their way. But the dire predictions almost never materialize. Businesses adjust. Lawyers find loopholes. Lobbyists get new rules watered down. Entrepreneurs come up with better ways to make money, regardless of constraints. And if the new rules really do fail, we have this little process called electoral politics to make sure the government responds to voters’ concerns.”

Well, thanks for that vote of confidence in the American free market. Mr. Newman apparently thinks it’s perfectly OK for the government to ignore the will of the people and use the Constitution as toilet paper because businesses will “adjust,” lawyers will find loopholes, and entrepreneurs will still make money “regardless of constraints” (without considering those constraints shouldn’t be there in the first place). Man, I’m so sick of being right.

Here are the five biggest “overblown” fears Mr. Newman lists, hyperlinked to articles that suggest our “overblown” fears are justified: 1) The government will take over one-sixth of the economy; 2) The federal debt will explode; 3) Doctors will revolt; 4) Businesses will suffer; and 5) Socialized medicine is on its way.

Naturally, a nationalized health-care system will spawn a plethora of serious problems … which will then require a government solution to “fix,” which then will spawn more problems, requiring more government fixes, et cetera ad nauseum.

Man, I’m so sick of being right.

But there’s a bright side to the looming horror of Obamacare and the blithering idiots who actually think it’s a good idea. Americans are waking up. They’re turning off “Sex in the City” and paying attention to their loss of liberties. They’re reading the Constitution and Bill of Rights (something they were never required to study in school, of course). They’re rallying and protesting and signing petitions and sending pink slips. Forty-nine percent of Americans support the idea of their state filing lawsuits against Obamacare. The 10th Amendment has never been so popular.

But despite the awakening of the sleeping giant, many worry that through a series of nefarious tricks, Obama will steal the 2012 election and remain in power.

Do I think this is possible? Well, it would require a complete disregard and disdain for the will of the people, the Constitution and the ideal of limited government that made America the greatest nation in the history of humanity.

Do I think it’s possible? I’m so sick of being right. Let’s pray I’m wrong about this one.

The Democrats’ walk of shame

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By: Craig R. Smith

A funny thing happened on the way to the House floor Sunday night, March 21.

Several members of Congress, lead by a gavel-wielding speaker, marched past the protests of 30,000 Americans attempting in vain to have their voices heard. The arrogant noses of the leaders were held so high in defiance, I am shocked they didn’t pass out from oxygen deprivation.

Traditionally, members of Congress traverse the tunnels while traveling between their congressional offices and the House floor. But not this Sunday. Their pride, arrogance and willingness to ignore the will of the people were on full display for the world to see.

The lack of servanthood, while sickening to the average American, was viewed as “heroic” by Speaker Pelosi. She made it clear. She and her minions were set on doing what they wanted, and the people be damned. They know what is best for us.

The participants of the march should not have felt pride any more than a disheveled partier wearing last night’s clothes on the way to his car in the morning should. It should have been a walk of shame.

After the vote heard ’round the world, the ever predictable cries of racism and bigotry started filling TV screens and radio broadcasts throughout the land. It is alleged the “N” word and “F” word were leveled at the parade of puppets as they made their way through the angry yet orderly crowd. They even claimed they were “spat” upon.

If this occurred, it should be strongly condemned. However, there seems to be a great absence of proof for these claims – unless you are willing to believe the testimony of those who lie, cheat and steal as part of their job. We are now to take their word for it? This time they are telling the truth, right?

There is no proof, however. With hundreds of personal video cameras and cell phones, not to mention the dozens of TV cameras and radio microphones present, there is not one shred of video or audio to back up the claims? We can’t watch the video and read the lips of the bigoted racist that hurled these insults at such a fine group of public servants? There is no footage of them wiping off the spit of the protesters? Give me a break. It never happened. But what a great distraction.

Congress once again ignored the people they promised to serve and instead paid full attention to Pelosi, Reid and Mr. Obama. Congress could ill afford to allow our first affirmative-action president to fail. His presidency was on the line and that was of far greater value than listening to a group they view as nothing more than a bunch of knuckle-dragging racists who can’t think for themselves.

That’s right! The president’s ego and reputation are more important than the Constitution or the rules of the Congress. The arm-twisting and payoffs felt very comfortable to Pelosi and Obama – she learning the behavior from her father, the alleged corrupt mayor of Baltimore, and Obama from his Chicago pals. Do the names Rezko, Mayor Daley or Rostenkowski ring any bells?

This is how these people do business. It is in their DNA. They have been taught and fully believe the ends justify the means – even if they have to check their character and integrity at the door, just like any good prostitute.

Two-hundred nineteen whores passed a bill that more than 55 percent of Americans want repealed. Now Congress is acting as if they have helped the country. They have not, any more than a prostitute helps a customer by leaving a smile on his face. That same smile turns to a frown of humiliation, guilt and remorse when the spouse or family member learns of the services rendered.

Gandhi once said there are seven things that will destroy us:

Wealth without work
Pleasure without conscience
Knowledge without character
Commerce without morality
Science without humanity
Worship without sacrifice
Apparently, Gandhi knew Speaker Pelosi personally.

Michael Savage – Bye Bye America!! (3-19-10)

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Are you awake yet? Well, it may be too late.


Michael Savage – A New Dawn For America (3-18-10)

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Want a clue on how Obamacare is going to affect us? Then listen to the following. Anyone wants to argue this, move it on down the road. I don’t have time to argue with idiots.