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Was this cop wrong?

In Can Ya Dig It? Justice Sweet Justice on June 10, 2009 at 4:17 pm

I get angry when I see unjust police brutality. In this case below, a 72 year old woman was tazered by an officer when she refused to complie with a simple signing of a speeding ticket. 

I can not really fault the officer in this case.

It doesn’t matter that she was 72 years old. Just because someone is 72 does not mean they can not be mean as a snake. How did he know that as rebellious as she was, she did not have a weapon? It looked to me she either knowingly or unknowingly was risking his life by  refusing to stand back, forcing him to be on the expressway.

First, the woman was speeding.

Second, she was expected to sign a ticket. She refused. 

Third, she had him almost out in the expressway. He moved her, not shoved her. She began to challenge him by walking towards him.

She did not complie at all.

She rebelled and was going back to her car.

He stopped her.

She continued to be a pain in the butt.

She even dared him!

He tazered her.

Cop was right. She was wrong.

I hope the cop wins.

End of story.


Man has no regrets defending Oklahoma City pharmacy

In Can Ya Dig It? Justice Sweet Justice on May 23, 2009 at 4:30 pm

I love justice. I really do. I love it when the good guy rises up and is able to take control over a thug, such as in the story below.

Jerome Ersland was back at work Thursday filling prescriptions and hoping that by taking the life of a 16-year-old boy two days earlier, he had saved others.

Rubbing an oversized bandage on his left forearm, where he said he was grazed by a robber’s bullet, Ersland related details of what he said was a highly organized hit on the Reliable Discount Pharmacy.

“I just regret anybody would get killed,” Ersland said. “But if I wouldn’t have been here, there would have been three people killed — the other pharmacist and the two techs.”

He also recalls the angry voices of people who gathered outside the pharmacy Tuesday night, shouting that he was a racist who unnecessarily took a life of the Seeworth Academy charter school student, Antwun Parker.

“There were a lot of black people gathered out there yelling and everything at my boss,” Ersland said.

After the pharmacy near SW 59 and Pennsylvania was robbed two years ago, the owner installed new security measures to try to make sure his employees would never again be forced to a back room and pistol-whipped.
“We have a very good security system,” Ersland said, motioning to the magnetic door locks that won’t let anyone in or out of the store without permission. “The door locks, and they (robbers) knew that. They had cased it because they knew exactly what time to hit us when we’d have all of our narcotics out and our money out.”

About 10 minutes before 6 p.m., Ersland said, two robbers wearing ski masks waited for someone to leave the pharmacy and then grabbed the open door and threw down a board to stop the door from closing.

The robbers went in cursing and yelling, ordering employees to give them money and drugs, Ersland said.

Two women who were working behind the counter ran for a back room where they would be safe, but Ersland said he couldn’t run. Ersland said he’s a veteran with disabilities from wounds he received in Operation Desert Storm, wears a cumbersome back brace and just had his latest back surgery six weeks ago.

“All of a sudden, they started shooting,” he said. “They were attempting to kill me, but they didn’t know I had a gun. They said, ‘You’re gonna die.’ That’s when one of them shot at me, and that’s when he got my hand.”

Ersland said he was thrown against a wall, but managed to go for the semiautomatic in his pocket.

“And that’s when I started defending myself,” he said. “The first shot got him in the head, and that slowed him down so I could get my other gun.”

But as one robber hit the floor, Ersland said, a bullet from the other robber whizzed past his ear.

The pharmacist said he then got his second gun from a nearby drawer, a Taurus “Judge.”

After he had the big gun, Ersland said, the second robber ran.

But as he started to chase after the second robber, Ersland said, he looked back to see the 16-year-old he had shot in the head getting up again. Ersland said he then emptied the Kel-Tec .380 into the boy’s chest as he kept going after the second robber.

“I went after the other guy, but he was real fast and I’m crippled,” Ersland said.

Outside the pharmacy, he said he saw what he thought was a third black male in a car with the engine running and reaching for what appeared to be a shotgun.

“I pulled out my ‘Judge’ and pointed it right between his eyes and he floored it,” Ersland said.

Because of the sensitive nature of the investigation, police said they could not confirm any of Ersland’s story, including whether Ersland was shot, whether the robbers ever fired on him or even if Parker was armed.
On Thursday, police were still looking for the second robber, described as a black man in his 20s, about 5 feet, 7 inches tall, and weighing about 175 pounds. The man was last seen wearing a red shirt and dark pants.

A man was arrested about a block away after crashing a stolen car that fit the description Ersland gave, but police said the man has not been linked to the robbery.

When he went back in the pharmacy, Ersland said, he called police.
“I asked if the girls were all right, and they were in the back crying,” he said. “I was glad to know they were alive. We were lucky and I’m glad I defended us, because I feel that a person has a right to defend themselves at their home or at their work. People deserve to be safe and not be afraid of people that want to take money when they don’t work for it.”

That’s what the Second Amendment and the state’s “concealed carry” license are for, he said.

“Fortunately, God made them miss me, except for this minor scratch,” Ersland said.

“I was able to return fire and protect the girls’ lives. God was helping me.”

Here’s an Idea

In Can Ya Dig It? Justice Sweet Justice on November 8, 2008 at 2:08 pm

For those who have your own buisness and will end up having to lay off employees–Here’s an idea. Works for me: 

Dear Fellow Business Owners,

I have  resigned myself to the fact that Barack Obama is our President, and that my taxes and government fees will go up in a BIG way.

To compensate for these increases, I figure that the Customer will have to see an increase in my prices to them of about 8%.  I will also have to lay off 6 of my employees.  This really bothered me for a while, as I believe we are family here and didn’t know how to choose who will have to go. So, this is what I did.  I strolled thru the parking lot and found 8 Obama bumper stickers on my employees’ cars.  I have decided these folks will be the first to be laid off.  I can’t think of a more fair way to approach this problem. If you have a better idea, let me know.  I am sending this letter to all Business owners that I know.


(Your name here)

Conservative Hippie>>>[This IS a way to fight back. Let those who voted in Obama find a job in their own family. That is if any of them wanted to work to begin with.]

Liberal Cry Babies Get What They Deserve

In Can Ya Dig It? Justice Sweet Justice on November 6, 2008 at 8:42 pm

Conservative Hippie>>>[This makes me smile. I hope these people will soon find out that their messiah may not put up with their whining. I hope they will be the first to suffer under his socialistic agenda.]

Obama campaign workers angry over unpaid wages

Indianapolis – Lines were long and tempers flared Wednesday not to vote but to get paid for canvassing for Barack Obama. Several hundred people are still waiting to get their pay for last-minute campaigning. Police were called to the Obama campaign office on North Meridian Street downtown to control the crowd.

The line was long and the crowd was angry at times.

“I want my money today! It’s my money. I want it right now!” yelled one former campaign worker.

Conservative Hippie>>>[Can’t you just hear them a few months from now? “I want my welfare check now! I want my free college. I want my free gas in my car! I want my mortgage paid! I want! I want! I want! Gimmee Gimmee!”

Maybe they will grow up and realize that no one owes them anything. Ooops, other than the thug Obama who has not paid them yet for services rendered. SIGH. Does anyone really care?]  

A former spokesman for the Obama campaign said 375 people were hired as part of the Vote Corps program and said people signed up to work three-hour shifts at a time. Three hours of canvassing got workers a $30 pre-paid Visa card.

The workers showed up to get their cards Wednesday morning at 10:00 am.

“There was a note on the door saying 1:00 pm and then at 1:20 pm everybody was like why is nobody here. They just got here and they’re trying to get it organized,” said Heather Richards, a former campaign worker.

The large gathering of around 375 people prompted police to call in extra officers and set up temporary barricades. The barricades helped keep the crowd from spilling out onto Meridian Street. Police say the several hundred people in line were for the most part orderly.

“No arrests. Some of the people were upset at first because the line wasn’t moving as fast as they thought it should. But we really haven’t had any problems,” said Major Darryl Pierce, Metro Police.

Eventually people did start getting paid, but some said they were missing hours and told to fill in paperwork making their claim and that eventually they would get a check in the mail.

“Still that’s not right. I’m disappointed. I’m glad for the president, but I’m disappointed in this system,” said Diane Jefferson, temporary campaign worker.

“It should have been $480. It’s $230,” said Imani Sankofa.

“They gave us $10 an hour. So we added it. I added up all the hours so it was supposed to be at least $120. All I get is $90,” said Charles Martin.

“I worked nine hours a day for 4 days and got paid half of what I should have earned,” said Randall Waldon.

Some people weren’t satisfied with filling out a claim form for money they felt was still due to them.

“They say that they gonna call you or they going to mail it to you, but I don’t know. We’ll see what happens,” said Antron Grose.

“Talking about they’ll mail it to us. I ain’t worried about that, man. They’re not going to mail nothin’,” said Martin.

Conservative Hippie>>>[You people got EXACTLY what you deserved for even trusting the great one. I hope you continue to get screwed by your messiah. But all is not lost, I have an idea…go out and get a real job! I hope your “messiah” continues to screw you over!] 

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