What is a Conservative Hippie?

A conservative hippie is one who finally grew up:


Peace and love are still important to a conservative hippie but the conservative hippie grew up and realizes it sometimes takes bombs and guns to bring real peace.

A conservative hippie is one who wishes that peace could be obtained with talks but realizes it is not always possible.

A conservative hippie is one that desires to see the defenseless defended.

A conservative hippie believes the rights of oppressed women in other nations are just as important as those in America.

A conservative hippie is one that appreciates women having rights but realizes it is hypocritical to not allow the unborn babies to have their rights to live.

A conservative hippie will not wear pink and go around protesting war, when there are women in other nations that need to be set free from evil men.

A conservative hippie is one that still has a fondness of the music from the era of the 60s’ and 70s and refuses to compromise calling the music of today every bit as good. It is not.

A conservative hippie is one that has gone from expecting government to fix problems to one of getting things done for themselves.

A conservative hippie has gone from trusting government to trusting their fellow man.

A conservative hippie has more faith in their fellow man than they do government.

A conservative hippie has greater allegiance to their fellow man than they do government.

A conservative hippie has greater love for their fellow man than they do for government.

A conservative hippie is one who will not depend upon government to spread your wealth, but encourage you that you have what it takes to succeed.

A conservative hippie no longer believes that everyone owes them something.

A conservative hippie believes in higher education, but does not believe tax payers should pay for it.

A conservative hippie is one who still desires justice and is not afraid to speak out the true injustices.

A conservative hippie has learned the difference between a cop and a “pig.”

A conservative hippie will not white wash or compromise the truth for the sake of “peace and love.”

A conservative hippie will still go and protest, standing as one with others with the same common cause.

A conservative hippie loves the feeling of camaraderie but will not compromise to get it.

A conservative hippie is one who still cares about the planet but does not make it a religion to worship the earth.

A conservative hippie believes chickens, pigs and fish have rights…to be eaten.

A conservative hippie still likes bright, bold and fluorescent colors, daisies, beaded curtains, posters; maybe even decorate a room in remembrance of their youth, but will not use the room for smoking dope.

A conservative hippie still likes to burn incense but does not use it to cover up the smell of weed.

A conservative hippie still likes the aroma of patchouli and not embarrassed to wear it.

A conservative hippie has taken off the rose-colored glasses and sees the world as it is without the pipe dreams and illusions of youth.

A conservative hippie sees the beauty in a tree but would never make it’s life more important than a baby in the womb.

What is a conservative hippie? It is one who grew up.



  1. “A conservative hippie still likes bright, bold and fluorescent colors, daisies, beaded curtains, posters; maybe even decorate a room in remembrance of their youth, but will not use the room for smoking dope.”

    I liked your piece a lot, and was really happy, until I read this. I bet you’re for prohibition, despite it all. Yeah, it’s good to be a realist, but don’t forget everything you learned in your youth.. like that weed really isn’t that big of a deal. Seriously. You might not smoke it any more, but why not? Especially if you drink. It’s an equally intoxicating drug. So what’s the deal? Why the sudden hypocrisy?

    • Holy shit my opinion exactly

    • I didn’t take it as anti weed. I understood it as you now choose another place in the house than your the room in which you sleep.
      For oder reasons. As a grown up hippie you may now like to enter your room free of smoke

  2. Any Hippie that subscribes to the above is welcome to my barbecues!

  3. RLD, a :)from Conservative Hippie (AKA RedeemedHippie)

  4. Skeeter, actually I could care less if YOU smoke dope or not. As a conservative hippie, I no longer smoke it nor do I drink. So before you go off again accusing anyone of being a hypocrite, make sure you know all the facts.

    For me, weed was a big deal. I know I’m not in the majority there.

    “You might not smoke it any more, but why not?” Simple; like I said, I GREW UP.

    • I actually never smoked marijuana until after I had “grown up” and became sick with multiple auto-immune disorders, two of which cause extreme pain to wax and wane. They are chronic conditions and I will never have one more pain-free day in my life to look forward to. My best friend talked me into trying marijuana for my pain one day (the pain was so bad, I was considering ending my life because of it). At that point, I would have tried anything. Anything. Anyway, I smoked it with her. There is nothing a doctor could prescribe (pill-wise) that comes anywhere close to the blessed relief I got from smoking a bowl that day. I could completely stretch out my arms and legs, my back pain ceased for a little while, I could breathe fully and deeply (because I was not cringing up with pain), and best of all, my deep depression lightened. I felt like a rag doll because I could finally relax and move again. Now, I do not use it every day (who could afford to?) and I have now gone months without it because of a dry supply…and being broke (hey, the cats have to eat, too! Lol!) It’s not a case of being “grown up” for some of us that partake – it can be a case of life or death. It was for me. By the way, awesome job on this site – It’s good to know that I finally fit in somewhere! *Hugs*

  5. What a great, refreshing site. Far out. Power to the people, man. I am proud to be a Conservative Hippie!

  6. The conservative hippie seems to no longer be hippie but selfish pig. One who doesn’t want taxes to pay for education. Let the poor eat cake kind of attitude. We’ll ignore the fact that the gap between the rich and the poor grows ever wider each year and the only way out is a good education that is all but impossible for the poor without some financial help. So the poor stay doomed to poverty because that would mean “big government”. We’ll forget that food stamps are all that keep millions of children from going to bed hungry every night. But that’s big government. A conservative hippie only want to spend taxes on what helps them, not anybody else. The conservative hippie probably doesn’t want health care for everyone because that’s socialist. It’s much better to spend more than any other country on health care so big fat rich insurance companies can make record profits while 47 million people do without. Of course, if you’re collecting Medicare, then that’s somehow not big government. That’s ok because it works and works well. Per patient costs to treat someone with Medicare are half what everyone else is spending so that can’t be big government, right?
    The conservative hippie is no hippie any longer. Probably never was.

  7. pc, Well well well. Whadda ya know? A commie loving socialist PIG has come and aired his/her gripes. Poor baby. What is it? Daddy government has not given you enough of other people’s money??? Your piece of the pie just aint big enough? What??? If you are so concerned about the poor with that fake compassion you got going there, then take another 15 percent of your paycheck (that is IF you work) and give it to the government. You take care of YOUR loved ones and leave me to take care of my loved ones. Why should I give a hoot about those who offer absolutely NOTHING to the ecomony? Cake is too good for them. Let them dig ditches or do whatever they have to do to put food in their family’s mouths. BUT when government is involved in tearing down the middle man and finding ways to SCREW the working man, there aint no jobs, you fool.

    As a conservative hippie, I grew up. What the hell is your excuse for still waiting on government to come along and “FIX” things for you, you big whiney baby. Don’t come back here, you thieving selfish pig. Your kind makes me sick. I could puke for the fake compassion you have. IF you were as compassionate as you let on, then sell that computer you got there and give the proceeds to the poor! If anyone here is a pig, it is you. Your kind lusts for what others have and think you have some kind of right to it! Either get off your butt and get a job or give YOUR own money to take care of those YOU see fit. As for me, it is not your business if I want to keep what I have to help who I want. And buddy, it is not your kind. After all, you got daddy government to take care of you. He is your god!

  8. That’s it, PC. You just haven’t grown up. When… or if… you do, you’ll understand. Until then, you’ll just wallow in your own class envy, jealousy, and sense of entitlement.

  9. Steve, that’s right! Some people just need to take off their pity party hats and grow the heck up!

  10. Gee, PC, looks like you have put your foot in it!! Having had experience in the Hippie culture in the ’60’s and ’70’s, I cannot see how you are even suggesting that a hippie would stoop so low as to support government ANYTHING, much less take a hand out from government themselves!!! Hippies were self sufficient, free spirits, who wanted the government to stay the heck out of their lives at all levels! Staying out of the SYSTEM, and off the radar of the SYSTEM was what hippies in my time aspired to do!! You must’ve been thinkin’ about socialists, huh?

  11. Geri, right on! Thanks for reminding me of that particular part of hippiedom — the part that was “up the establishment,” the part that wanted to be self-suffient and FREE. Oh how the “hippies” of today are such hypocrites. Power to the true hippie! Sung to the tune of Power to the People. Right on!

  12. ” A conservative hippie has gone from trusting government to trusting their fellow man.”

    I know all kinds of hippies, conservative or not, and I don’t know any that “trust the government” Is this a typo?

    • Cris, it is a paradox isn’t it? When I was a liberal hippie back in the 70s, it was all about, “Up the Establishment.” But now, you have these liberals that are wanting government to intervene in every area of their life. If that is not putting trust in big Brother, I don’t know what is.


  14. Welcome, Linn! You asked about Glen Beck… well if he is running down hippies, it is probably because they are they ones now that are the true commies in this nation. Always were and alway will be.

  15. I AM a conservative hippie! Nice to meet you!

  16. It’s funny how I was thinking about this all day. And here I am researching the meaning, and stumble across your blog post, and realize I’m very point you made in the post. Thank you! I finally don’t feel so alone in the world.

  17. Wow, I can only imagine what you guys think about this current political climate! I am a child of the 90’s and I am a conservative (unfortunately very rare in my generation) and I guess I’m almost a hippie too! At the very least I agree with your post and the way you responded to the liberal mush-brain PC. Being a christian I believe that the churches should be involved in helping the community, not the government, and if not the churches then the community themselves. Meaning that if there are hurting people in Albuquerque, NM then the people of Albuquerque should help those hurting people, not the people from another town, county, or state! If the community can’t help its own people then it’s not a real community and people shouldn’t live there. These concepts are very old, in fact I would say that early civilization probably lived by this: if you can’t survive in an area or trust the people around you then you need to leave! Anyways, enough of my soap box, keep it up man!

  18. Sure wish I could find some conservative hippies living near by. I know I’m not the only one but how do we find each other?!? 😄🌺🇺🇸🙏

  19. I’m 21 and prefer a very hippie lifestyle caring about others and the earth etc but I have very conservative views and I’m so glad that I’m not the only one ❤❤

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