A Type of Disclaimer

I stand behind my beliefs. I will not back down in believing that there is a socialistic agenda that wants to take over this nation. I will not back down in believing and saying there are commie pigs that want to take away our freedom of speech–unless it is to agree with them on everything.

A commie pig is one who wants to take away freedoms. They hide behind masks and they very well know who they are. They pervert justice. They distort truth. They bully those who disagree with them. They want to silence their critics. They feel they have to answer to no one. They believe in “spreading the wealth around,” therefore creating a DEPENDENT state where governement becomes god.  Their religion is secularism. They believe the end justifies the means. They will do anything at all cost in regard to no one in order to see their agenda come to pass. They put the people in bondage by creating a state of dependency. They believe in something called the “common good.” Meaning all the people must be the same and there can be no dissenters. Think of Hitler, think of Marx, think of Castro. There you have evil and wicked socialists. Men I have no respect for. 

However, NOT ALL who are authoritarian figures in politics or those who represent protecting civilians (police, secret service, etc.) are socialist pigs. There are good officers of the law who put their life on the line for us daily. Fighting the good fight by standing for truth and justice against the thugs and slimeballs of society. There are good politicians that stand for freedom. Fighting against corruption and evil doers in high places. These good public servants see themselves as just that–servants. These are the ones who do not and will not take advantage of their powers. These are the ones who make America free and safe. These are the ones who will not bow to the agendas of the deceitful and wicked. These are the ones I respect.

Maybe you don’t like the way I think. I don’t care. As a human being and an American citizen it is my absolute right to think what I want. No one can take that away from me, ever. It is my thought. Not yours, and you can not have it.

  1. Finally I have found a home. I thought I was the only conservative hippie. Thank God.

  2. Good to meet another conservative hippie, Mark. I do most of my blogging at the other place. It was getting kind of too much to try and do both at the same time. Come on over here sometime:

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