Attention, General Motor Voters

In Conservative Hippie's Rants on June 2, 2009 at 5:08 pm

Attention General Motor voters

Note: This article is not for the ones who did not vote for Obama.

Did you vote for him? You know the one. Obama. Did you campaign for him and pass out buttons for him? Wave his banners of “hope.” Did you listen to Oprah and all the other Hollywood elitists as if they knew what the hell they were talking about? Did you cry along with those who made him some kind of messiah, believing he was going to be your savior? Did you chant the mantra, “change” with others who fell into a sea of deception? Did you think he was going to do miracles in your life? Did you make a vow to serve him?

Now what? You along with about 20,000 more hard working people are going to lose your job. Why? Because your president, the one you chose, is a socialist thug and has and is taking over businesses in this country. Perhaps you thought it was ok when some CEO “got his.” After all, the one you chose, said he was going to spread the wealth. That had to mean that you were going to get a bigger piece of the pie, right? Like Michelle said, “somebody is going to have to give up their piece of the pie.“ I guess you never dreamed it would be you, eh?

But hey, don’t worry, you wanted to serve this man, right? So look at it this way; look at your job loss as a way of serving him. You are suffering NOW for the sake of your children to have the American dream one day. But by then it will be too late. There won’t be an American dream, it will have turned into a nightmare that you and the others voted in.

As he flits all around the country to take his wife to expensive restaurants and plays (at tax payer expense) you remember that he told you to sacrifice.

You remember the next time he goes into a burger joint pretending to be one of us, while you and your family may not even be able to afford a hamburger in the days to come.

I guess I’m suppose to feel sorry for you, but I don’t. Not at all. YOU voted the pig in, not me. And yes the man is a pig. A pig is one who wants what you have. A pig is one that will tell you to sacrifice while he lives high on the hog.

The only way I would give you my last can of soup is if you came to your senses and realized what a miserable mistake you made by setting this upcoming dictator in power. See, I really don’t owe you a thing. But before it is all over, I’m sure the one you chose will find a way to force me and other true blue Americans to give you a hand out. Why? So he can continue to get your vote and keep you in bondage to him.

But until that day comes where he and his cohorts go door to door stealing from the decent to give to the bums, you get nothing from me. Zilch, nada, nothing.


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