This is where socialized health care will lead us!

In Warnings to America on April 30, 2009 at 1:14 pm

Swine flu: A 39-year-old woman spent the last eight days of her life going from clinic to clinic to find out what was wrong. She has been the first to die.

Imagine having to go clinic to clinic just to find out what is wrong with you! THEN not having anyone able to diagnose your condition. Imagine being so ill you just wanted someone to take you serious enough to at least put you in the hospital. But no, socialized healthcare had the patient running all around the country–infecting others at the same time–wearing the poor woman out and making her more sick.

WHAT kind of treatment is this?! I guarantee it that if she had been a politician, she would have gotten taken care of real quick.

America wake up!

THIS is what we can expect if Obama gets his healthcare system.  

In the meantime: CLOSE THE DAMN BORDERS, you moron! That is unless you are wanting to use this whole thing as a way to “get something done that you never could have gotten done in any other way.”

Article of 39 year old woman found here:


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