Mentally Disabled Running the White House!

In Obama on April 28, 2009 at 9:36 pm

If I had the slightest inclination (which I never have) that the adminsitration now in Washington was just even a tiny bit able to run this country; I wouldn’t anymore. I am convinced they have got to be the biggest bunch of inept inadequate morons EVER to run this nation.

Yesterdays stupid idiotic display of Air Force One flying over the city with a fighter jet behind it was enough to make any decent American good and ticked off. I know I was.

I looked upon my fellow Americans (both Reublican and Democrat) running in the streets of New York anticipating another terror attack. I’m sure I was not the only one feeling the same emotions of 911. There was nothing funny about it. There is nothing casual about it and it should not be treated as such.

There is no excuse for it, Washington! What the BLEEP is WRONG with you?! Where is your head?! Get it out of your BLANK! What is it with you people? Are you really so stupid or where there was some other ulterior motive behind this stunt other than a photo op?

Just what is so important and special about your stupid photos anyway that you would risk scaring a whole city to death? You sicken me! 

And WHY was it told to keep silent? The mayor didn’t even know about it for crying out loud! I’m convinced you people care NOTHING about common every day people going about their daily lives. If you did, you NEVER would have allowed this to happen. Especially in New York!

Haven’t those people been though enough?! It was horrible enough on the dreadful day of 911, let alone this GOVERNMENT creating another like-minded event out of your own stupidity or some kind of sick game you are playing.

Suppossingly, Obama didn’t know. Yeah, right. Suppossingly the WHITE HOUSE didn’t know anything about it. Suppossedly Obama is “furious.” Uh huh, yeah right. I believe that like I believe in the tooth fairy. It’s YOUR cabinet, Obama. YOU chose these people. Birds of a feather flock together, eh? One moron leads them all.

Don’t take all the people for idiots.

I am so angered this happened. But maybe just maybe it will wake some people up as to who and what is running this country! New york, even if some of you did help put this man in office, you do not deserve this kind of treatment. I am just sorry that they cared so little about you to think no more of you than do this to you.

Be safe New York, be safe!

Wake up America!

  1. Obama brought HOPE….The Democratic Party will be decimated in the future. This socialist asshole and his crew are not competent to run an elevator. Great Blog. Thanks, J.C.

  2. I could not agree more! I wouldn’t trust them with my dog!

  3. I certainly agree with you, Redeemedhippie, this is absolutely unbelievable!! The worst part is the total disregard, and despicable treatment of New Yorkers, the next worst part is that in these harsh economic times, they spent over $300,000 dollars on the show-off stunt, and the slap-in-the face is, that for a couple of hundred dollars they could have had a photography service “photo-shop” airforce one flying up the statue of liberty’s NOSE if they wanted to, or make it appear any where they wanted so they could be cool, without traumatizing a single citizen. This is THE MOST NARCISSISTIC bunch of inconsiderate nincompoops EVER!! Also, why do you think they can accomplish all manner of “Three Stooges” type goof-ups here and abroad, but they cannot for the life of them provide legitimate proof that Obama is an American citzen? It is beyond my understanding!

  4. Geri, it is worse than unbelievable. It was a disgusting display of elitism and self-centered importance. They truly think they do not have to answer to anyone. The one thing that gives me comfort is knowing that one day they all WILL bow their knee before the one true God and with their tongue they WILL confess He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings. But until that day, may God HIMSELF do whatever needs to be done to expose their darkness in every area. And may people have their eyes opened for what is coming on the land through this manipulative and lying administration!

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