Michael Savage – Swine Flu Virus Alert, Useless Government, Precautions

In Truth Speakers, Warnings to America on April 26, 2009 at 2:54 pm

Michael Savage on the swine flu virus coming into the United States through Mexico. Could this be a terroist attack? Why will the government not close the borders? Here’s a thought: they just love to have a crisis– it helps them get things done they never would have been able to do otherwise.

The fact that a “swine” flu is coming to America seems rather appropriate with the swine in the new administration!

  1. Mike Savage….He used to be on the radio out here in knoxville. not any more…darn.

  2. You can find Mike Savage on youtube. He says it like it is on most things. I wish there were more of him.

  3. Here’s what I think. I know it’s only my opinion. 1st I really like Michael Savage, I don’t agree with on every single thing, but for the most part, I think he’s right about almost everything.
    But, there’s no way Skunk Headed Napolitano is going to quit obeying Obama’s orders to keep that ‘Contingency’ Border open, UNLESS, it begins to infiltrate into
    the lives of the Los Angeles Celebrities and Movie Moguls.
    There’s also Pelosi and her swarm in San Francisco, the Sanctuary city.
    LA’s celebrities use almost nothing but illegals to do EVERYTHING for them.
    I used to get my ‘Star Map’ and drive past all the movie star homes, and every single
    one of the Mansions had illegals working around them. If they were not working around the celeb’s mansion’s they were getting off the buses to walk to their celebrity mansions or going grocery shopping, picking up their dry cleaning, driving their
    limo’s, you get the picture? The Illegals are ‘Protected’ by Hollywood because they
    DO EVERYTHING for them. This goes for all the movie mogul’s and the movie mogul attorneys, and everyone that makes over $500,000 grand a year in the movie industry.
    WHEN these celebs, politicians family members or they themselves come up with
    a mutated strain of the “swine flu”, then and only then, will the border be closed and
    the ports be shut down.
    Oh, if THEY get the ‘swine flu’ you can guarantee, their will be a Border Lockdown
    as has never been seen in History. One of the Presidents of the past did such a
    lockdown once, but the one that will be put in place if the leftist liberal progressive
    celeb’s and politician’s get the ‘Swiniez’ there will be an IRON CURTAIN along
    the Mexican border, fur sure man………
    Then, they can officially change the name of the Oscars to the SWINEZ!
    I can’t wait. Just cannot wait until those responsible for destroying this once great
    nation are brought to their knees.
    Growing up in LA county was a real education in Liberalism. I can easily say that
    alot of the government is run in large part by Hollywierd.
    I think Obama really wishes he was a Celebrity. Not just a mere Celebrity President,
    but an Actor in Movies type Celebrity. A real personality/identity crisis.
    THEN, we will just SEE and HEAR WHO is the REAL xenophobes!
    I just can’t wait…can’t wait…
    Thanx for allowing me to post, I really like the name of your website alot!

  4. TellEveryone, you are so right about when the swine flu hits one of their own, THEN and only then will they shut down the borders. We will THEN hear a big stink coming out of hollywood from the elitists. They will be the first to scream. The other day I heard Arnold called for a state of emergency already with at the time, only 10 sick infected. Some of this “panic” is nothing more than based upon somehow getting more money or whatever freebie a crisis will bring. We have to be able to read between the lines here and hope and pray that we will be able to know what the truth is reguarding this situation. Remember what they said about having a good crisis? “You can get done what other wised you wouldn’t have gotten done.” May you and yours stay self and healthy!

  5. redeemedhippiesplace, ‘Nail on the head’ with that “crisis” statement by Rahm Emanuel who virtually RUNS our Government along with Pelosi, Reid & Bawney Fwank. I think and hope that they use Dodd as one of their ‘Scape Goats’. He just
    might become eliminated now, I HOPE. But even this ‘Un-Holy Three’ answer to
    Soros & Soros answers to an even higher power. Someday, not far off, I believe
    we will ALL find out just WHO is the PERSON that’s REALLY running things. Just
    my theory. And, we don’t really pay the U.S.Gubment, we are paying the Bank of
    London now. Obama went over there and was a complete Puppet, agreeing to
    everything that the G-4 wanted. He did NOTHING to represent the U.S., other than
    promising all our future tax dollars, He’s a complete incompetent. He’s exactly
    the same as all the Slick Dudes in Inglewood that were constantly driving around
    in their customized Cadallics, scamming everyone. He’s just like them.
    Now, ARNOLD. He’s nothing more than a Whore. All he does is talk big, and beg
    for more Gubment Grant Funding. The state of California is a complete DISASTER.
    You have the “haves” and the “have nots”, and there’s nothing in-between.
    Except for the people on SSI & that extra amount from the State of Cali called SSP.
    It attracts SSI’s from all over the Nation to Migrate here to get that extra CASH each
    1st of Duh Munt. This Friday the 1st of May is when they ALL get that $250 from
    SSI, from the generous Obama! They are all running around in my tiny mountain community of 256, way up here in the mountains of far-Nor-Cal. Running back and
    forth making their ‘Pre-Get-Their-Check’ CRANK arrangements. Their money will
    go for Meth and Booze, not something productive. Never does. I worked the U.S.
    Census 2000 up here as my 1st job. I moved up here when I graduated in Los Angeles and got the hell outta there. So, I found out about these people up here when
    I did the Census. Around, 90% of the residents are on SSI & SSP, and living in
    their desceased relatives homes on sprawling property. Free & Clear, their only
    income is that SSI & SSP check each month. Ever age imaginable. All on SSI & SSP.
    If they are NOT on SSI & SSP, they are on Un-Wed Mother CalWorks which used to
    be AFDC and that changed with the Reform in the 90’s. Then they Proceed or Transfer
    onto SSI & SSP. Everyone of them is either on SSI & SSP for “Depression” from Meth
    addiction and/or Alcoholism, or Morbid Obesity and it’s complications. Like REALLY
    super Obese women, from sitting and eating, knowing they are eating themselves
    to SSI & SSP. Yup, I have had enough of them all. They are predominantly Caucasian and ALL voted for Obama to get MORE on their checks.
    Problem is, I have told a few of them that Obie’s going to pull off a ‘Shamnesty’. He will. Does not matter if everyone is sick with the Swiniez or not, he’s going to do his
    Shamnesty or should I say his “Contingency Insurance” scam.
    What the silly SSI/SSP’s did not bother to think about, is that ALL the newly legalized citizens will also be eligable for SSI & SSP then. That’s the 1st 15 Million that will be
    legalized. Then the bulk of the already here 40 Million will be “Sponsored” in by the
    others that are legal, it’s called, “Chain Migration”, and there’s still NO laws to stop it.
    SSI & SSP, is NOT Social Security at all. It’s for folks that never worked a single day
    in their lives. The Gubment ADDED the Mental ‘Other’ catagory and this opened up
    SSI/SSP to become the 3rd largest and fasted growing Entitlement Program in the U.S. Alot of people think SSI & SSP pays taxes. They don’t pay a penny of taxes, yet they DO receive tax credit tax return money at the end of each year with Obama’s
    new tax credit Policies.
    SSDI & SS receipients DO pay taxes on their incomes. The difference between SSDI
    & SSI/SSP is SSDI’s worked and paid into the system for a certain amount of “credits” to qualify for that Disability money, and they pay taxes on that.
    SS is for Seniors 62 and over. These are people that also worked and paid into the
    system and they also pay taxes.
    But, SSI/SSP pays zero taxes, and there in lies the problem for it’s ultimate IMPLOSION. There’s going to be the “baby boomers” retireing in MASS.
    Then, Obama’s ‘Shamnesty’. So, where’s the Tax Revenue coming from to keep
    this Tax Free Welfare SSI/SSP going?
    Obama and his pals are BANKING EVERYTHING on the Illegal Aliens.
    They actually THINK they are “ONLY HERE TO WORK”. Ooops Obama, I grew up
    with Illegals ALL MY LIFE up to age 18 and I still have to go back to Los Angeles
    to visit my family down there, and I guarantee, they are NOT all here “just to work”.
    They are only here to work UNTIL they can qualify for GRATIS/FREE checks!
    I never knew a single friend of mine that I would go over to their house and they were
    NOT on some kind of Government Gratis/Free checks. None.
    And IF Obama and Pals THINK that the Illegal’s don’t know about SSI & SSP, they are
    in for a real rude awakening indeed!
    Watch what happens. As soon as the Illegals are ‘Shamnestied” by Obama and Pals, the lines will begin to form. Illegals LOVE to wait in long lines to get the GRATIS. It’s in their nature.
    Then, The MSM will have-to show it on tv. Of course Fox will have their cameras in helicopters flying over the Social Security Offices, to get a Bird’s Eye View of the long,
    long lines outside all the SS Offices, you know Fox.
    Then, there will a “problem” with Where will the money come from to pay OUT all that
    tax free income, to all the NEW receipients?
    See when the ‘Head of Household’ is the SSI/SSP receipient, the ENTIRE ‘Household’ ALL get a check. A kid for example, not disabled of an SSI/SSP Father get’s $753 tax free per month until they are 18 years old. Now, with the Mexican Papa on SSI & SSP, with 8 to 14 kids in his Casa, that’s ALOT of Tax Free
    Money! Oh, and the Mama will get a check also until the very last child is over age 16.
    Usually, what I’ve seen is the Mother will become Morbidly Obese during that period
    of time to qualify Herself for the SSI & SSP.
    Alot of people think that SSI & SSP, is not really that much money. Well in California an Individual Adult get’s $907 and a Couple get’s $1,569, all tax free, all the time, for the rest of their lives.
    Added into the SSI & SSP, is low-income, heating and air conditioning assistance that Obama INCREASED, Endless Food Bank Assistance, Farmer’s Market Food Vouchers, Free Monthly Food Commodities, that they just drive-thru and volunteers like I used to be, load their cars up to the brim with food and all kinds of other “goodies” like shampoo, laundary detergent, toilet paper and so on.
    They also get HUD-Section 8. AND, they can qualify for Obama’s new generous
    USDA Rural Direct & USDA Rural Guaranteed with their SSI/SSP income.
    You would not believe this program if you read it. If’s ONLY FOR LOW-INCOMES.
    The interest rate is 1% and if they have a problem paying that, the Gubment kicks
    in another Subsidy to pay that for them also.
    Then, there’s the Faith-Based Social Services they get as well, that was also included
    in Obama’s “Stimulus”.
    And, the only one that REALLY bothers me outside the fact they pay Zero taxes is:
    They ALL receive GRATIS/FREE College. Every single one of them within that
    ‘Household’, they all get to go to college for free. That’s why every single Community
    College is composed of: Illegal Aliens, SSI/SSP’s, SSI/SSP’s ‘Household’ members,
    Un-Wed Mother’s, and Senior Citizens. That’s about all you see on any Community College Campus anymore. Alot of the higher education State College’s are about the
    same way as well. All the one’s that go for FREE are on the campuses.
    And, I have Never, Ever, Ever seen a single SSI/SSP that has received a full-on College Education, for Free, go to work at anything at all AFTER they have a Masters Degree, because they don’t want to work and loose their GRATIS/FREE check-in-the-box.
    The area I’m in right now will Implode into utter chaos when the SHTF and there’s no more money in the Till for their checks. And, that time will come.
    Even when Obama and Pals, hike the taxes to Mirror the tax hike in the U.K. at 50%
    it’s still NOT going to be enough for all his massive Welfare Entitlement Nation he
    Everyone owns a house and a nice couple of cars and gets a free college education and get’s free food, utilities, mortgage payments, Cable TV, Free high speed internet access, on and on with the Free, and NO TAXES paid for all this luxury.
    It Will IMPLODE…
    So, I’m moving. Moving further up into the PNW, to a rural remote area, to live “off the Grid” with Alternative power sources, like wind and solar system.
    I am not going to be a sitting duck in this small community with a city down the mountain that’s packed with nothing but SSI/SSP’s & AFDC type Welfares, Oh No!
    I’m going up into the forest to prepare more than I already have.
    Because when those checks don’t show up or show up BUNK checks, these people
    will all their addictions and gluttony are going to go nutts for REAL this time.
    Sorry for this long, long post, I just want everyone to know about what my theory is about the not so far off future.
    And, I think that this does relate to the Swine Scam. If it IS for reals, and maybe this
    is bio terrorism at it’s best and this thing Mutates, this could be a real disaster, and I’m not going to hang out to catch it. I’m getting my mask from work today, as my job
    includes face-to-face with the public, and I cannot wait to leave it and go into the woods!

  6. To try and understand where I’m coming from with all my blabber, go here:
    and here:
    You will want more once you begin to realize WHO Obama is and WHAT he’s going
    to do…I Guarantee It!
    And another blog that you all might enjoy and want to add to your links:
    He’s got the BEST links I’ve ever seen, and alot of information for everyone!
    I still like this Blog too!

  7. Telleveryone, what we have to do is stay calm. But first we have to know how to gauge typical media news spin. Kind of hard to do I know, but there is a way. It’s a matter of mathmatics, actually. We either need to divide the actual accounts the media is giving us concerning the infected; thus we come up with a smaller number than what we are being told. OR we multiply the number by at least two or three (or more) and come up with a number much higher than we are being told. Saying that, we now have to figure out what is really going on behind doors (I.E. biological warfare or typical flu or deadly flu… one or the other.) Need to ask which scenerio they want us to believe and WHY. THAT is the hard part as they will never be totally honest with us anyway. I’m sure the NWO is somewhere involoved in it, though.

    • I can relate to the Math example because my Uncle was a Certified Public Accountant and I worked for him for several years during high school.
      He said everything could be solved with math.
      I have not seen a hugh amount of infected persons, and this very well could
      be a way to divert attention away from News Stories like the Pirates, the
      Auto industries Bankruptcy, the downward spiril of our economy, the Amnesty
      that is going to be granted to Law breakers, and so many other stories.
      I don’t understand why they would choose the Mexicans as a perp though?
      If this is a manufactured story to divert attention, then I don’t understand why
      the gubment would use the Mexican people while they are pushing hard and
      fast towards Shamnesty. Just does not make scense there.
      And, still Skunk Head will NOT have anything to do with ‘Closing the Border’ and
      Soda Head and other websites are calling out to the public to air their opinion
      about the “open border”, and I was reading that alot of people want it closed.
      Some not necessarily for the Swinie, some only because it’s beyond overdue,
      by over 8 years plus!
      I’m not moving further up into the PNW because of the Swinie. I’ve been planning
      this out for 2 years now.
      I just cannot wait, cause I really want to go.
      I’m so sick of California now.
      There is absolutely nobody representing anyone in California except lunatic
      I think the best thing would be to just give California to the Mexicans, and barb-wire and electrify the fencing around the parimeter.
      Like, “Escape from LA”. Leave the Celebrities and Politicians INSIDE when
      they barb it off. Let the people trying to leave California to get into any of the
      other states get fried like a fry.
      If you come up with any numbers from the mathmatical calculations, PLEASE
      post them! Would really like to see that!
      Tomorrow, is the 1st of the month. Every person that get’s any kind of check on
      the 1st of the Month will be OUT THERE.
      It’s my most non-favorite day of each month and I avoid it like the plague.
      I am off tomorrow and work on Saturday instead this week.
      I just want everyone that is going out there to watch out for stores where people
      are going to be crowding into tomorrow.
      Until this blows over or disipates, or the other happens we all need to proceed
      with caution.
      Well, Oregon is an extremely liberal state too. The difference is there are alot
      of Conservatives in the rural areas, and that’s where I’m headed.
      Where I’m at now, it’s Ex-Conservatives that are all on SSI & SSP, and now
      they all want Demogrants because it might mean they will get more benefits,
      and they are.
      WIsh there was an outstanding 3rd party candidate. I hoped for Paul, but not
      enough monetary is behind him, and the one with the most money always wins.

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