Rush Limbaugh: Time to cleanse Republican Party

In Truth Speakers on November 6, 2008 at 1:55 pm

Radio host Rush Limbaugh, the loudest conservative voice in American today blasted John McCain’s presidential campaign as weak and said Barack Obama’s election as president is an opportunity to purge the Republican Party of candidates who abandon conservative principles.

“McCain’s whole campaign was a concession speech,” said Limbaugh in his post-election analysis. “We’ve now demonstrated to everyone how to lose.”

Limbaugh dismissed any notion that victories by Democrats in the White House and Congress meant a repudiation of right-leaning principles.


Limbaugh explained conservatism was not on the ballot.

“We haven’t been on the ballot since 1994,” he said, noting that if Republicans wanted to win elections, they should not put so-called “moderates” on the ballot.

“The conservative movement does not need to be rebuilt,” he said. “We had some people abandon the conservative movement, and they need to be abandoned.”

The broadcaster called last night’s results “an opportunity for cleansing … like we haven’t seen in a long time.”

Concerning Obama’s victory speech in Chicago, Limbaugh noted, “He said nothing better than anyone has ever said nothing.”

“We congratulate Obama. We recognize the historical nature. We also understand that more than him being black, he is a radical extremist who is not going to govern from the center. [Nancy] Pelosi and [Harry] Reid are not going to govern from the center. What the hell do people think they wanted to win this election for? When do liberals govern from the center? The only time they do that is when they have to when there are enough Republicans around to keep their extremism in check.

“Screw defeat!” he exclaimed.

Conservative Hippie>>>[RIGHT ON, RUSH!]


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