Obama: I Am My Brother’s Keeper

In Socialism; Something that Pukes Me on November 4, 2008 at 12:27 am

More hypocrisy from the great one; the one they call the messiah. Seems to me a messiah could be able to take care of his brother. His brother lives in a hut in Kenya living on 12 dollars a month. I wonder how much of our tax dollars will be sent to his brother. I wonder if his brother is a Muslim hating American. If so, I’m sure Obama will give him a job if he should become president.

His aunt lives in a Boston slum. Poor thing. Truly, it is pitiful. She lives in one of the most liberal states that are suppose to care about people. Yet, she lives in a slum. That is the way liberals spend your tax money. They create slums and ghettos. They make slaves out of those who depend upon them!

It is so easy for Obama to spout off about brotherhood telling the rest of us we are “selfish” if we do not want to be taxed. It is so easy for him to sit in his fancy house and expect the middle class to take care of the rest of the nation. But this messiah wants you to take care of people like his brother and aunt with your tax dollars.

Face it, Barack Hussien Obama is a deceitful hypocrite who can not even take care of his own family. And there are those who would want me to trust him with mine? I don’t think so. They may end up in a shack or in some slum. I can do better than that for any loved one! Let me keep my money so I can help take care of my own! Obama take care of your own family and leave me alone with mine!


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