Barack’s Wants “Civilian” National Security Forces?

In Socialism; Something that Pukes Me on November 2, 2008 at 10:19 pm

July 2, 2008

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Barack HUSSEIN Obama said, “We can not continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we set. We gotta have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.”

Conservative Hippie>>>[Did you hear that people? Do you know what that means? We need to be asking Obama just WHO does he intend to chose for his “Civilian National Security Force?” I believe I know. He, like Hitler before him who hand picked the choice dregs of society to help his evil agenda along, will choose the thugs, the lowlife, the losers and give them all jobs. They will be expected to watch out for those of us who will not with our thoughts, with our speech, submit to the powers that be. Those of us who see the difference between good and evil and will say so. He will chose our neighbors if possible to “fink” on us, “rat us out” should we disagree with the great one

Those people; black and white, who think the working people of America somehow owe them something? Obama has promised them the world. But they will learn soon enough this man will expect they work for HIM to keep getting their freebies. They will learn they get nothing free under his governement. They will be expected to be loyal to Obama at any cost.

Obama says the Civilian National Security Forces must be just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the military. WHO is going to pay for this? Tax dollars from the working people. How strong is it going to be? It will have as much authority if not more than our military. How powerful will it be? Powerful enough to try and stop free thought. Make no mistake. He intends to do it.

I wonder from what infested rathole he will find these civilian storm troopers. I wonder what kind of uniforms he will give these predators to walk the streets? Will they get to carry clubs and stun guns. What about a badge of some kind that we are to respect? I wonder what kind of community organizers we will be under. I can guarantee whoever they are, they won’t be looking like Jesus.

Instead, they will be criminals. Just like the kind Obama runs with and has been friends with. The kind that wants to bring America down. Preachers who want God to damn America. Slimeballs who cheat at the voting polls.

 I can see it now. It will start with a knock on the door.

“Hello, I represent Obamas’ Civilian Security Force.”

“Yeah, so what?” 

“It’s been reported that you said something derogatory against him.”

“Who says?”

“That does not matter under the new law.”

“What was it I was supposed to have said?”

“It appears you disagree with him on several issues and have spoken more than once on your beliefs?”

“So? I have freedom of speech.”

“Not when it comes to the unity of all. No one is allowed to think differently for the sake of peace. There must be no diversity.”

“Then I suggest you change your views because I’m not changing mine.”

“We can’t have this. You must come with me.”


“To the nearest camp where you will be taught the correct way to think.”

“I have my rights.”

“Yes, you have the right to remain silent…”

Wake up America!]


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